We understand that each project is different and there’s no single solution that works for everyone. Instead we work with you to tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you have a project that requires guidance from start to finish, or are just looking for advice, we can help.

We’re often engaged to provide expert feedback during particular phases of the project, to assist in value and cost management, and to provide specific or targeted architectural design.

While each project is unique, often our architectural services are phased in the following way.

Early work involves a Feasibility Study to establish the various site, context and regulatory constraints. We prepare sketches, draft drawings, and background research, as well as meet with stakeholders to provide a reverse brief and report to assist you in gaining a holistic overview of your options. 
The Concept Design of your project is one of the most important considerations. This is where the key decisions are set in motion and time is spent testing, refining and adjusting the design to ensure its on brief. We prepare drawings, diagrams and models to communicate the design and design decisions. With the concept in place we go through a period of Design Development where specialist consultants may be engaged to assist in developing the project. We co-ordinate their input with further drawings, and make and document key decisions such as how the project will be built and what the finishes will be. 
Some projects require Town Planning or Development Approval which is usually provided by the local council in the form of a planning permit. We liaise with the council and other parties, prepare preliminary drawings for discussion before submitting planning drawings, reports and schedules. After this, we respond to further requests for information and can meet with council and other parties if required.  
With planning approvals in place we prepare Construction Documentation (sometimes known as working drawings). This is the most intensive phase of the project, requiring detailed drawings and specifications, as well as close coordination with stakeholders, consultants and other invested parties (such as local authorities and suppliers). With the documentation complete we can Tender the project and obtain a building permit. This can happen in a few different ways (and earlier in the project) but typically it involves approaching a potential builder or builders to provide a quote for construction of the work. We manage this process, including information requests and clarifications, and subsequently make a recommendation. 
As the project is constructed we undertake Construction Administration. This involves regular site visits, documentation of progress, clarification of queries, as well as regular reporting to stakeholders. Furthermore we can, if required, administer the building contract, including the managing of claims, certificates and variations. With the project completed we can undertake final inspections and look after any defects that might follow.