Hinge Architects is a small, boutique Melbourne based practice. Established 2009, we have a broad range of skills and experience ranging from multi-residential to specialist medical clinics and retail fit outs. We fuse real world constraints with a fun, fresh approach to architectural design in order to make socially progressive, critical and engaging places and buildings, on time and on budget.

We work at a variety of scales, from small scale residential extension to large scale public work, treating each project with the individuality, attention and creativity it demands. Our work fuses intelligent, thoughtful architectural initiatives with the requirements of the client and aims to provide a significant contribution socially and culturally to both the individual and in the local context. Simply, it intends to make a difference.

Sustainability is an intrinsic factor in our architecture. We believe that environmental responsibility is part and parcel of our work and that we must continuously evolve and invent to ensure cultural, social and environmental vitality both now and in the future. But we also understand that there are many ways to be sustainable, and that sustainability should be considered in the context of the life-cycle of the project.

Each and every project is tended to by our director Edmund Carter, but we’re not afraid of collaboration and frequently work with artists, designers and consultants on multi-disciplinary teams. For smaller projects our town planning service is in-house, saving you time and money. Our office is light on its feet: our collaborative structure means we can expand for the big projects, but still attend personally to the small ones.

Hinge Architects is a registered architectural practice with the Architect’s Registration Board of Victoria (51201) and an Australian Institute of Architects A+ member.